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To bee, or not to bee

Here in Oregon, a landscaper accidentally caused the largest single known bumblebee die-off, while trying to poison some aphids. 50,000 dead, plus potentially a few more elsewhere. The landscaper may or may not have broken the law at the same time, but we'll see.

Anyway, that really sucks. I like bees, I think a lot of people around here like bees. I wouldn't ever kill a bee on purpose, they're too cool and helpful and cute. (Yellow jackets, I kill those suckers every chance I get. With gasoline and fire, when possible. But not bees.)


It's certainly put bee-health, pesticide overuse, and ladybugs-for-aphid-control in the public eye, so perhaps future bees will

There will be a public memorial service held for the bees, in a Target parking lot on Sunday. Which . . . yup. That's pretty much . . . yup.

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