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To 'Box or not to 'Box?

Up or down question here: Should I buy an Xbox One?

I've had a PS4 for well over a year now, and on the whole, I've been happy with it. The problem is that I cannot stand the DualShock controller — it's never fit very comfortably in my hands, and the symmetrical placement of the thumbsticks can be a real PITA, especially if my neuropathy is acting up. I can't play certain types of games comfortably on the system like racers or FPSes (and unfortunately I can't find any decent third-party asymmetrical gamepads).


Now, I loved my Xbox 360. (Well, 360s — my first-gen model RRODed after a surprisingly decent four-and-a-half years on the job.) I used the platform for about eight years, longer than just about any other console I've owned, and I was still buying games for it late into its life cycle. It's still plugged into my TV today, on the off chance I get around to finishing Skyrim or feel the urge to play through Arkham Asylum or Red Dead Redemption one more time.

And I loved the Xbox controller. All of them, in fact, even going back to the original gargantuan model on the first Xbox console in 2001. They fit my palsied hands comfortably, and remind me of my beloved Dreamcast (albeit minus the VMUs). FPSes always felt natural on the Xbox and an ordeal on the PlayStations. One of my most anticipated games this year is Arkham Knight, which I imagine will be a lot more fun to play using a non-Sony controller.

I've been even more serious since the Master Chief Collection bundle dropped, since I've always enjoyed the classic Halo games (especially the original). And since Halo 5 is due out this fall, and will only be available for the Xbox One, it's a safe bet that at some point this year I will pick up a console.

Still, I'm not ready to commit just yet. I really like Halo, but I can't think of many other console exclusives that look all that interesting. (And nowadays I only buy about three or four premium games a year anyway.) And I've also heard rumors of a hardware revision with a smaller, sexier footprint that will completely eliminate the much-reviled TV features and boast a small performance bump. Another issue is the lack of backwards compatibility, which Microsoft has floated the possibility of but seems not to regard as a high priority. As the owner of a dozen or so 360 games that I still take out and play every once in a while, I'd really like to be able to run them on the new hardware, especially since space in the TV cart is at a premium.


So, I'm in no rush: Should I wait until the fall until Halo 5 and a possible rev? Or is now as good a time as any?

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