Smithsonian has a photo contest they do every year. There are a number of categories to enter. You can enter up to 15 photos per with a total of 90 photos. I'm wondering if I should enter. My problem is, I either think too highly or too lowly of my work. When it comes to something like this and looking through the previous years' winners, I feel not good enough.

On top of that, I'm not even sure which ones to pick, or if I should try to go out and take some just for this occasion. I wanted to see if anyone would be willing to help me figure out said problems. As my taste is apparently different from everyone else. It tends to happen that I think certain photos of mine are a lot nicer than the ones that people tend to like.

Most of my photos can be found at my flickr account if you are interested.


There are a few of those recent ones that I have tweaked a little on my tumblr as well.


(Don't be alarmed by the name, it is totally safe for work. Just a bit of a joke name)

If you are interested in the contest as well, you can read about it here…


The rules are here…

And the FAQ…

Thanks in advance for any help! And good luck if you choose to enter.