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To everyone sad and mad about Game of Thrones: it gets better

Please don't give up on the show. It gets better. So if you need a reason to keep watching, here are some very super extremely vague spoilers about the good things to look forward to.

  • at least two people you really hate will die horrible, messy deaths
  • dragons!
  • Sam gets laid
  • Hodor! Hodor! Hodor!
  • Bran meets a really cool guy and learns awesome secrets
  • Arya goes to ninja school
  • lesbian sex
  • Brienne kicks ass
  • more sexy angsty Jamie
  • crazy Cersei
  • Poderick Payne!
  • Tyrion is snarky
  • Bronn is awesome
  • kittens!
  • kittens named Ser Pounce!
  • Tywin is a magnificent asshole
  • more sexy angsty Jon Snow
  • a deadly duel to the death
  • we see where all the wine comes from
  • it rhymes with "weak"
  • a fat merman
  • someone you thought was gone comes back, but comes back wrong
  • the Sand Snakes
  • Littlefinger gets to say, "Just as planned."
  • wolves!
  • Frankensteinian shenanigans

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