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Just under two years ago, I stumbled onto Kinja and muddled through my first, poorly-structured, nearly-unreadable story. Hundreds of stories and millions of clicks later, it’s time to move on. Thank you, and I’ll miss you.


Kodiak brown bears don’t follow no rules. Image credit: USFWS/Lisa Hupp

I can’t tell you exactly what I’m up to now because Reasons, but I promise I’m having fun and will keep collecting awesome stories to tell. You can check out my first print article in New Scientist this month, and I’ll be advertising new adventures on Twitter if you’re into that. Less formally, I’m slowly revamping my poor, neglected personal blogs at GeoMika and SpaceMika, so theoretically that’s an RSS-friendly alternative if you’re jonesing for my particular brand of science writing.

Thank you so much for being my first unknown audience, and for encouraging me when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Thank you for calling out my mistakes (often in a hilarious manner!), and for pushing me to reach for harder and more unusual stories. Thank you for battling the trolls, and for letting me brag that yeah, it’s totally worth it to read the comments. You were fantastic.

I’ll be lurking.

Top image credit: Kevin Dietrich

Follow the author at @MikaMcKinnon. Earth & Space will keep zombeing on at @EarthAndSpace for a few more months, with some pretty cool content pre-scheduled for March.


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