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Today I have to act like an adult

I'm not much into the whole adult thing. Currently, I don't even have a job. The most grownup thing I do most weeks is watch Sunday Morning. But at least once a year I have to go and be social with the neighbors, and we eat barbeque and then try to get a bit of business done.

Sometimes, it doesn't go well. Once it looked like there would be an actual physical fight. The year after that we hired an off-duty sheriff deputy to keep the peace. But mostly it's just that this is the main time that there are so many of us together, and we have questions, and we all think that our questions and/or suggestions are important, and most everyone else just has something really stupid to say. Like often someone will bring up the idea of making this a gated community. And I really do not want a gated community, as I do not have any money, and gates and such are not free. So I really do not want to hear anything about this being a gated community, but it is a free country, and the dummies have a right to talk about it once in a while if they want to, and the rest of us can either behave ourselves and listen, or we can get up and leave and miss something important that might be said later.


But other than that, when things go well, I mostly enjoy it. Or, I enjoy about half of it. There's supposed to be a lot of Robert's Rules of Order type stuff, but we've gotten a bit lazy and probably don't properly do everything now. Like, at the end someone is supposed to make a motion that we do this again next year, and I think at this point nobody bothers and it's just assumed that we're basically going to do this again about the same time next year.

And there's dessert. And this year there is a dessert contest. And if all goes well I'll be in the dessert contest. Probably won't win, cause someone will make a good pecan pie and that will be the end of that, but I'm going to try anyway. You don't win anything if you don't try.

So I'm going to go get dressed and do some other stuff, and then I'm going to go to a meeting and try to watch my language for the next few hours. And with a little luck, off-duty sheriff's deputies will not be necessary.

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