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Today in io9 history... (20 August)

Just last year, io9 took flight! Flying cars, flying teeny tiny satellites, flying diamond-spewing rockets, and a flying Avengers helicarrier! Plus a sea otter that loved stacking cups.


Two years ago, Alasdair got his very first look at footage from the Avengers, and Cyriaque saw a darker side to Spy Kids 4.

Three years ago, Futurama created and solved a new mathematical theorum, and Neptune finally got around to getting around the sun. Once.


(Also, I'm noticing some of these several-year-old posts, like the Futurama "Prisoner of Benda" one above, are appearing as drafts . . . meaning I can link to a comment under the post (because the post was live once, it has comments) but not to the post itself. That seems kinda weird.)

Four years ago, Graeme wasn't impressed with Marvel's first-ever motion comic (Spider-Woman).


Five years ago, Star Trek finally got a MySpace page!

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