I am still stuck in a hotel room watching TV. On SyFy are a bunch of zombie movies that I probably did not finish watching the first time, so I have little interest in watching them today. So I am watching TNT instead, as they seem to have extended Supernatural hours today.

Anyway, I think SyFy is showing these movies so that Z Nation will look that much better by comparison. If they were showing stuff I really liked, like maybe 28 Days Later and Warm Bodies, Z Nation might not look that great. But it has to be better than this stuff, right?

Oh, and there's wrestling between the zombie movies and Z Nation, just to be safe.

Now, I know that other people are sick to death of the Zombie Apocalypse, but I am still enjoying some of it. I will give Z Nation a try and continue to watch The Walking Dead, and I'll probably watch watch whatever Walking Dead spinoff(s) they might come up with, and if someone makes a 28 Months Later or 28 Years Later I'll watch those too.

What do you think? Will Z Nation be awesome? Are you sick to death of the Zombie Apocalypse and looking forward to whatever will be the next Apocalypse? Do you think the Apocalypse is nothing to joke about and are busy hiding canned goods inside the walls and under the floor of your house?