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Creative Challenge!

Today's Challenge has actually been spinning around my head for awhile. It's inspired by these tweets from McC a few months ago (Tweets here and here) and I could not figure out what to write until Thursday when I found this picture:

Since I already had the story in my head, I'll give you different options for this challenge. Your story can either by inspired by either the picture or the tweets or you can use the sentence "It's the thought that counts" or "Penny for your thought". Here's mine!


Their heavy, metallic steps still grew closer. No matter how fast I was, I still saw their shapes, lurking. Helicopter swirled above me while searchlights pierced the gray darkness around me but none of that worried me as much as the voices behind me. Cold and distant yet seemingly submissive as it they were helping me. They tried to fool me but I kept running. I wouldn't be like the others.

They finally cornered me, their soulless eyes as they analyzed my weakened form. I tried to fight as one approached me but two of them came from behind me and held me still. I was no match for them. "Penny for your thought?" It asked. It didn't worry about my answer. They never did.

The one in front of me reached and touched my head. I felt its palm heat up and screamed. Asea of eyes glowing eyes stood before me as they slowly processed my thoughts. I closed my eyes and focused on one thought. A thought that would calm me, a thought that would make me stronger, a thought that could possibly overwhelm their simple minds and possibly end this bloody war.

I thought of you.

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