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Tom King to Leave Batman...and Begin Batman/Catwoman

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Illustration: Batmat/Catwoman #1 cover by Clay Mann

It was recently reported that Tom King, the current writer on Batman, would be taken off the book after issue #85. This was surprising, considering King began writing the book back when DC Rebirth happened and has enjoyed a critically acclaimed, if slightly controversial run, that was suppose to last 100 issues. In fact, as recently as last week, King stated that it was actually going to last 105 issues, which is why the rumors of him being taken off came as a surprise.


But never fear, fans of King’s run or King’s writing: he is going to complete his saga. After issue #85, however, he will get his own 12 issue mini-series titled Batman/Catwoman to be penciled King’s longtime collaborator Clay Mann.

King himself commented on this on Twitter:


As King himself points out, this is hardly something new: Grant Morrison’s epic run on Batman was relaunched as Batman and Robin and then as Batman, Incorporated, while other writers took over the main Batman book (most notably Scott Snyder).

There is a question of if this was always the plan or if DC saw the declining sales of Batman (which is always one of their top-selling books) and decided it was time for King to move on, but in any case, King will still finish his epic — although, with 85 issues if Batman and 12 issues of Batman/Catwoman, it will only take 97 issues, rather than 100.

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