Ok, I've been playing about an hour and I've got some thoughts....not plot spoilery stuff but game play thoughts ahead...

First off, it's gorgeous. The animation/graphics/what have you are beautiful and seamless. I'm enjoying the plot so far. But, I've got a couple buts.

1. This isn't really an issue, but playing a new Lara, or rather, a younger Lara, is a bit jarring. She's not HER yet and I'm missing her. But, that doesn't mean I'm not interested in how she got there. It's just weird to not jump right into badassery right away.


2. Most of what I love about the Tomb Raider games is the puzzle type aspect of it. I'm a fairly new gamer and Tomb Raider was really a game that helped ease me into feeling more confident in my gaming. I didn't have to shoot or fight too much, but I did get to practice using all the crazy buttons on my Xbox controller. (I just got an xbox for the first time about 5 years ago and had not previously gamed since Nintendo NES.) And, the fun part, for me and my brain, was figuring out how to get through the puzzle and challenge of each area. So far this game doesn't have a lot of that.

3. The narrative is very forward motion so far. Less exploratory. Again, not really a problem, it just feels like a big difference from the other games. I've also only played for an hour or so. I'm hoping the puzzle/explorer/mythology of her family does start to come into play soon.

A commentor replied to my earlier thread that it was the best movie they'd ever played through. I totally get that comment now. As I said earlier, this isn't a bad thing. It isn't a great thing. It just feels like a big departure from the earlier games. While they had a great narrative, there was also a certain arcade aspect to them.