Ahem, who’s awesome? This guy! Right? Cause I wasn’t gonna do a post until the announcement were made but some pretty reliable sources have leaked some news to a site I trust and my goodness I’m giddy. Although I would be seeing as how today has been one “are you kidding me?!” storm at work. I have run out of fucks to give at the office today. I walked in with absolutely none to begin with as it was. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So let’s get with the news and I’m gonna start with the not so great first and go from there. Also it is fair to say that I will update the post accordingly as any additional leaks happen and you all can string me up tomorrow or Wednesday if I got your hopes up and it turns out to all have bad info. Deal? Deal!

Also, the source for all of these is Android Police and I’ll link to the respective articles where appropriate. Credit where credit is due and all, but I’ll be basically covering everything worth knowing here.

Let the record show given the flood of exclusives they brought today it is reasonable to assume they have Sundar Pichai kidnapped and tied up and being held in a shed somewhere. I refuse to believe that isn’t the case given everything I’m about to share below. AP, given all you’ve shared with us today I am more than willing to provide an alibi for the entire staff.

Play Music Family Plan

I’ve been using Google Play Music since it was in beta and invite only and only allowed you to upload your own music for listening to anywhere, I added All Access the moment the service went live two or so years back at IO and initially you could sign up and pay $7 a month for the service. Roughly three months after that initial sign up and save promotion ended it went up to the regular price of about $10 a month.


The service itself isn’t bad and I did a quick write-up fairly recently to share with an Odecker on Twitter who was asking me about it. I know, it’s not up to my usual write-ups but I did it on the fly and just wanted to cover the main things about it. I’ll do a proper write-up tomorrow and share it to the Odeck along with the main announcements related to tomorrow’s keynote.

That said the service has always been tied to one account. You want it? Sign up for it using your Gmail account. There was no family plan like with other services, all that is about to change.

The new plan is pretty simple. $14.99 a month gets you a plan that includes unlimited streaming for up to six family members on their respective Gmail accounts.


That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Which is awesome! I’m paying about $8 and change after taxes for my subscription. My mom is paying close to $11 since she signed up for the service when I did and then cancelled it “because all my friends use Pandora”. She came back about a year later after I convinced her it was way better than Pandora and talked her into giving it a try for a weekend. “Why the hell did I leave this?! It’s awesome!” So between the two of us we’re paying almost $20 a month for two accounts to have the service. Now we can pay $15 and add a few other people onto our subscription. (Namely my two closest friends, plus my brother and an aunt.) It’d be win win for so many!

Google Photos is getting Chromecast support

Among other things.

But yeah, the big one is Chromecast support which is long overdue. Anything and everything that you see in Photos you’ll now be able to cast to your device.


People labeling is coming soon too. Photos already does a pretty good job of identifying people and organizing them accordingly. I’d share a screenshot of how good a job it does but most of the photos it sorted are the result of my argument’s for why a certain actress is awesome and talented against a female friend of mine who thinks I’m an idiot and that said actress couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. So sharing this thing would just one day be used in court against me if she ever ends up disappearing, the actress I mean. Not my friend.

Oh and shared albums will soon be a thing. Someone updates an album with more pics and you’ll see them to with no effort required on your end. They just appear. As if by some some kind of sorcery.

Speaking of Chromecast, incoming 2nd Gen.


Not gonna lie, I see those pics and I think “Christmas ornament!” Already countless people have mentioned how hideous they think the updated Chromecast looks. All I can think is, “Why do you care what a device you’ll never see again after you hook it up to the back of your TV looks like?” I mean seriously? Seriously?!

It’ll be available in black, red, and yellow. Likely for the same original $35 price point. It should be available shortly after being announced tomorrow.

New changes will likely be it being 4K TV compatible and some additional performance improvements. Maybe 5GHz WiFi compatible? Internal chip upgrade? I don’t know. No one else does either. What do you want from me?!


This one might intrigue some of you. What you see above is a Chromecast Audio device.

What it does is add Cast for Audio capabilities (via WiFi) to basically anything that has a 3.5 mm audio input jack. Your car stero. That old, massive audio setup you’ve had since the mid-’80s that you refuse to get rid of. Etc etc etc.


Supposedly it’ll support audio cast to it from any Android device or Chrome desktop browser and will allow for multi-room listening when two or more devices are networked together. Because the joy of my mom blaring country music or some of the other weird things she listens to on weekends anytime I leave my room should be something I experience across the entire house as opposed to just downstairs. FML.

It should be available at some point next month and also for that previously mentioned $35 price point.

And of course given these two upcoming devices there’s going to be a serious update to the Chromecast app. Content discovery will be the new change. Along with new search functionality allowing you to check Chromecast compatibility from (video) apps you already have installed. A “what’s on” if you will, so you can then cast it and watch it.


LG Nexus 5X


This is the one I know a lot of people want info on. I’ve already had one Odecker threaten to cut me for it, to which I responded I understood cause I’d do the same. Of course we both understood that all is fair under such circumstances. The true sign of digital friendship. <3

I’m going to need some of you to sit down before I give the big news. You know who you are.

Are you ready?

I don’t think you’re ready.

Now? Okay then.

$379.99 will get you the 16 GB Nexus 5X! And pre-orders start tomorrow (for the US, UK, Korea, Japan, and Ireland aka the land of leprechauns and those lovely pale, freckled gingers I am incredibly partial towards).


But don’t forget that it’ll also come in a 32 GB model and it’s likely that’ll set you back an additional Grant. (That’s $50 bill for those who don’t recognize the people on U.S. currency.)

Plus there’s some additional info you might be interested in knowing.

Band support is as follows.

  • GSM 850/1900
  • W-CDMA 2/4/5
  • CDMA 0/1/10
  • LTE Band 2/4/5/7/12/13/17/25/26/41

There will NOT be a microSD card slot in the Nexus 5X.

I’ve argued it before and that’s just the way things are. No Nexus device will ever have a microSD card slot. Period. Google’s thoughts on the matter have been made clear more than once. microSD card slots are just by their very nature insecure and that alone is reason enough for not wanting them on their flagship device. Plus the cloud. Google. Cloud. If I have to explain why they’d push for that I’m gonna not be a happy camper.


Oh yeah, wireless charging? Not happening.

In all fairness, it’s not necessarily pointless but it’s pretty useless when compared to throwing a device on an actual charger. Wireless charging? Slow as fuck. Normal charger? Have you tried Qualcomm’s Quick Charge tech? AMAZING. And that’s all I have to say about that.

EDIT/UPDATE. The full specs have leaked!



I’m pretty sure that about covers everything about the new LG Nexus 5X. That 2 GB of RAM though is disappointing to some I’m sure though. Although for the sake of being fair, you don’t want to pay flagship prices you have to accept some cuts in certain areas. Memory and internal storage being the two easiest ways to save a few bucks from a manufacturer’s standpoint. The whole point of two Nexus devices this year was to make one wallet friendly and another not so wallet friendly.

Huawei Nexus 6P

Thank you leaked everything for this phone!






But wait, there’s more!

Same pre-order date as the LG Nexus 5X. That means you can place your order tomorrow. Price? The 32 GB model starts at $499.99. Keeping in mind it will come in 64 and 128 GB model variants as well.


What I said about the Nexus 5X applies here as well. No microSD card slot and no wireless charging.

About those pre-orders...

So let me start off by highlighting that comment between Pessimippopotamus and myself. That’s pretty indicative of Nexus launches. Every man and woman for him and herself. Why? Because they are a fucking disaster each and every time. Everyone who has tried for one feel free to share your horror stories. I know you have them.


You want to know how we all feel on launch day?

Pretty much sums things up.

The site crashes under the strain we place upon it.

You load an item into your cart and go to checkout, congrats you now have nothing in your cart.


Oh, you want a phone that literally a second ago went on sale? Sorry, sold out.

I mean it is bad.

And yet year after year us Nexus aficionados struggle against the seemingly insurmountable odds to try and get the latest and greatest that Google has to offer. Why? Because we’re Nexus fanboys and fangirls. There is nothing like a Nexus device.


I won’t be participating tomorrow. Lack of funds. On the bright side knowing I have no funds to pre-order at the moment spares me the ordeal of having to deal with all that nonsense.

Think I’m joking? Feel free to check out this post over on reddit. Some details are slightly off, then again reading the post I had flashbacks to those launches. After crawling out from under my desk from the shell shock memories I took a gander at the top comment. It put things absolutely perfectly.

But I digress, the Nexus 5X and 6P will only be available online (and not sold in US carrier stores) and mostly I figure because it’s one device to work on all carriers. Well, two devices but you get what I’m saying.


Marshmallow will be hitting phones and tablets October 5th

To be more precise though: It’ll be hitting the Nexus 5, 6, 7 (2013), 9, and Player October 5th. AOSP too of course. If your device isn’t listed then I got some bad news for you, Sunshine: You aren’t getting Marshmallow. I sensed a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of Nexus 4, 7 (2012), and 10 owners all cried out at once...


The Pixel C (for those who want essentially an updated Nexus 10)

This one is partially a rumor and partially Android Police is pretty confident it’s happening based on unnamed sources saying as much.

So what is it? It’s Google’s new tablet, except it’s not a Nexus. It’s a Pixel. So think the two incredibly beautiful and well designed and made laptops, minus the keyboard. Although yes, two keyboards are coming for the device and both of which attach to thetablet and charge automatically when closed. One in leather, one in aluminum.


Taking this straight from the horse’s mouth: “The Pixel C, codenamed Ryu, will have a 10.2-inch display with 308ppi and a super-bright backlight capable of 500 nits. Inside there’s an NVIDIA X1 quad-core processor and Maxwell GPU. This is supplemented by 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM.”

Oh and it’s not running ChromeOS like the Pixels. It’s running stock Android, Marshmallow to be exact. So a mix of the design and beauty of the Pixel Chromebooks but the software of a Nexus. I may or may not already be in love with just the idea of this device.

It may or may not be announced in the future, but it’ll likely be available come November. Also given that it’s a Pixel it’s likely going to command a not insignificant amount of greenbacks.


Oh good grief has it been a long day

Seriously. Between the insanity that has been work today and all the Google news I am so spent. My mind and body have taken a mental and physical battery today. Literally in the case of the latter, I nearly messed up my foot running and jumping while leaving the post office earlier. Sometimes I forget just how long my legs are and how much distance I can travel when I get a decent running start and jump.

[runs and jumps without thinking and while aiming to jump off those little concrete parking things, while in mid-air realizes he may have misjudged the distance and spreads legs to not bash toes on concrete thing, realizes he didn’t miscalculate but he has now changed his stance midair and is totally not gonna stick the landing, somehow sticks it with one foot but due to the stance change doesn’t plant foot firmly on concrete and attempts to save the jump by springing off it much more quickly than originally planned, ends up not sticking next part of landing and bashing toes on right foot on asphalt instead of landing on ball of foot like he should have] I pose more of a threat to myself than anything else does to me. Sometimes I am truly an idiot and much more of a klutz than I normally am.


And on that note, folks, I’m just gonna veg out in my chair for the remainder of the day.

Also let the record show that antipodes is the best! She knows why.

UPDATE! Droid Life is asking the single most important question of the day that no one else has thought to ask.