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Tonight's Sleepy Hollow was probably the best S2 episode to get into blind

I'm a pretty big fan of Sleepy Hollow and I think it's one of the best genre shows on broadcast right now (then again, FOX and The CW are the only real genre players on broadcast to begin with, though we're seeing more genre growth with NBC's Constantine joining the network's own Grimm and of course Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). It manages to mesh the "monster of the week" plot with actual world and arc building in a pretty successful manner and remains a pretty compelling drama with decent production values. Perhaps that's enough to entice you, but you haven't been watching at all and you're looking for a good place to jump in completely blind?

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Jumping in the middle of a show's sophomore season is less than ideal, but if you're going to pick a place you might want to log on to Hulu or fire up your On Demand service right now because tonight's episode is probably your best bet. It's pretty heavy in the show's mythos so you're probably going to be lost - but then again that's going to be pretty much true of every episode from here on out. A quick rundown of the show from the perspective of the uninitiated: blah blah Sleepy Hollow legend, there's a guy named Ichibod Crane, he's fighting against supernatural forces who want to do bad stuff and he recently got reunited with his witch girlfriend from back during the Revolutionary War and a cop (played by the super-cute Nicole Beharie) is also helping him out while showing them the ropes of modern times. A quick rundown of tonight's episode from the perspective of the uninitiated: some guy is being a dick and releasing a succubus and stuff, I don't know but hey that succubus is like sucking people out and Ichibod and his friends better do something.

Yeah, that's pretty much how you're going to feel watching this cold, but it's still not a bad episode to get into. There's enough procedural heft for fans of CSI to get into it, the witchcraftbabble is hardly confusing for newbies and it's an all-around entertaining episode even if you ignore the arc and mythos-building. Moreover, there's just something I've always felt compelling about these monster-of-the-week twisted love stories. Maybe it's just projected schadenfreude seeing some other guy (or girl - there is a scene where said succubus draws out a woman's latent lesbian desires) get into a bad relationship for once.

Anyway, that's my take, you can watch Sleepy Hollow and see for yourself every Monday at 9/8 Central on FOX, or on an On Demand/streaming service of your choosing.

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