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Too many games, too little time

So I've discovered the NerdCubed Youtube channel, and I've become slightly addicted to it. It's run by a British chap who does a series of Let's Play videos. Normally, I would avoid such a thing as there are few things more boring than watching someone play a video game. However, he's pretty damn funny, and his game selections are a bit different.

His best videos are those where he plays simulators or various indie games. It's because of his videos that I am obsessed with Euro Truck Simulator 2. He's also the reason I discovered the absolutely brilliant Thomas Was Alone. Everyone should play Thomas Was Alone.


The game has you controlling a series of rectangles with unique powers and personalities. The game features simple yet beautiful graphics. The story is charming. The puzzles hitting the perfect point between too simple and overly complex. It's just an adorable game.

So to sum up... you should check out the NerdCubed channel. He's really funny and covers some excellent games. Buy Thomas Was Alone. It's brilliant. And avoid Euro Truck Simulator 2. It will drain your soul.

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