Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Too many weirdnesses to mention this (US) morning

I was told editing works, but when I clicked on the downward arrow, I just got taken to '#" without any menu displaying.

I try to insert images in comments, and either don't get a popup at all, or can only copy files from my LD. So I use just the URL, but it turns out it wasn't an image, so I edit my post, except...oh, and sometimes I got the one-page comment post box.

I can't get to my notification list other than from the O-Deck. Not from IO9, not from serenada.kinja.com—the halo dropdown is not displaying except from there.


I'm running Win7 on the Opera 20 which is Chrome Webkit fork.

I'm assuming asking how to read comments is out of scope.

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