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Top 3, Bottom 3: Vampires

I'm not very good at lists, especially the ordered kind. Smacks of commitment. Next you'll want me to be having your babies. No!But I do think I can pick top 3 (unordered) and bottom 3 (all the same order of suck), and I'd like to know what your vampire opinions are—top 3, bottom 3.

For me, the top looks like:


Spike (Buffy): and earlier Spike too. I liked him when he was an evil rabble rouser (I preferred his savage hedonism to Angel's focussed sadism), when he had something to gain and eventually the means to gain it by, but the piney stuff worked for only so long.

Alpha Vamp (Supernatural): He's a slick-assed motherfucker, and he wanted to see us next season. Maybe this upcoming one? I like his laid back urbane smoothness, and his ability to plan further ahead than ravaging.


Storm (X-Men 159): when she gets bitten by Dracula himself. It was a beautiful comic (for the paper of the day even moreso). One of the things I like to see Ororo do best is transformation, and this fits the bill. Also, I love her canonically tough noggin which fights off the mind-rapists. Notable mention to BloodStorm, but she's not as much my girl.

There are many many inbetween, but here is my bottom 3:


Edward Cullen (Twilight): "How is that not rapey?" End of story.


Mick St. John (Moonlight—my vampire story is called Sunlight. It's very short): Managed to make a really boring Angel clone with uninteresting world-building and a flat cast.


Maximilian (from Vampire In Brooklyn): Was there ever a time when Eddie Murphy as a vampire was going to be less painful than having your jugular hoovered and laved by your killer's tongue? CLEARLY not. Yet it still got made.

What are you most and least favourite examples of the creature of the night in any medium?

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