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Top 3, Top 3: Who had the most creys?

Assume this has spoilers for every TV show, movie, book, comic, song, play, video game, board game, painting, everything. After the jump, tell me your top three creys from any medium (hurt the most, the best). Normally I'd ask for a bottom three, but that's just mocking people's pain. Here are mine:

I know which properties hurt me the most, so it's the matter of the moments from them. In no particular order:

  • Buffy: The Body (I could easily put Out of Gas here or Hole In The World—Tim and Joss own my tear ducts). This is pretty much the TV show about death for me. There's a line from this ep for just about every death I've mourned in real life. Just loved it.
  • Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Loose I (Kripke leased the glands for a while, many others vie for this spot). I'm an older sibling and it's something I take very seriously. Watching this epitome of brotherhood make this funny, bad-assed guy fall apart so utterly slew me.
  • Warrior: Normally I'd say Roots or Amistad, but I wept for half this movie—the bell goes to start the round, I cry until the last round is done, and I gather my feels for the next bout. AWFUL. I loved it. Sibling, fighting, two hot buttons of mine.

eta: OH SHIT


I don't even know how to quantify this, because it's HER. She makes me cry. There's meta involved, but still. Pictures of Zoe doing *anything* can bring me to tears if applied diligently.

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