Here's my "Top Stories" Sidebar at ~8am Mountain Time on Friday the 25th.

What works:
1) Mousing over a link, the link displays the author's name at the end of the link.
2) The 'Top Stores' sidebar actually extends down the whole screen. A few weeks it didn't, I approve of whoever fixed that so it leaves less blank space on my page.
3) These links, when clicked, turn grey, so you can tell which links you've been to.

What doesn't currently work:
Because "if it can't be expressed in figures, it is not science; it is opinion", I present this table.

Table 1. Site statistics on the "Top Stories" listed as of 8am Mountain Time on the 25 October 2013.

1) What is the defining characteristic of a "Top Story"? It's not page views, it's not comments, it's not how recent the page was created.
2) Why does the list of "Top Stories" on Observation Deck, an io9 internal discussion board, have links to Opposite Lock and Crosstalk? Crosstalk and Opposite Lock's "Top Stories" do not do that.

I assume that the things that are currently in the bad column are bugs, since Crosstalk and Opposite Lock do not currently suffer from them.

EDIT: I only saw an Edit button on the main page of Observation Deck. This page has no Edit button. That seems like an error.

EDIT2: Ignore Edit one, the Edit button totally exists, just in a new place. <3