Last week I posted lists of twenty different Marvel heroes/teams we haven’t seen adapted to live action. To be honest, I’m amazed that I was able to get twenty good choices for heroes that we haven’t seen in live action. This list, however, is much, much easier to write. I could expand it to twenty plus easily.

First of all, THIS LIST DOES NOT INCLUDE SPIDER-MAN OR X-MEN VILLAINS. Both of those heroes can sustain lists on their own. In fact, I may write one for each later.


Secondly, I’m not counting an easter egg or cameo as an appearance. For example, seeing Dylan Baker as Curt Conners in two of Raimi’s Spider-Man movies doesn’t count as introducing the villain. Seeing Lizard in Amazing Spider-Man does.

On to the list!

10: Annihilus

One of Marvel’s great cosmic villains, Annihilus has a massive amount of on-screen potential. One of the rulers of the Negative Zone, he feared one thing- death. Because of that he protected his Cosmic Control Rod- which extended his life span- fiercely. Although he was primarily a foe and occasional ally of the Fantastic Four for most of his existence, that changed a few years ago, when he led his forces out of the Negative Zone and invaded the universe. His Annihilation Wave ruined countless worlds and if it wasn’t for Nova, Star Lord, Gamora and many other cosmic heroes, he would have won. Sounds like the plot of Guardians 3, doesn’t it? He’s a brutal, ruthless conqueror, a perfect sort of evil that hasn’t been seen on film yet. Maybe, maybe not. His film rights probably fall with the FF, but we’ll see.

9: The Wizard


Bentley Wittman is possibly the Fantastic Four’s greatest foe whose name isn’t Von Doom. Armed with an intellect that rivaled Reed Richards, Wittman often challenged the Four out of pure jealousy. He’s also the founder of the Frightful Four. Many of his schemes involved trying to discredit or one-up the Four, but he’d offer the on-screen Four a great challenge. He could offer an intellectual rival, who is also consumed with jealousy. On the surface, he may sound like Doom, but he’s definitely more human. Petty, manipulative, immoral, and a total bastard. Where Doom only wants to be the best and is content knowing that he is, Bentley wants to be the best AT EVERYONE ELSE’S EXPENSE.

8: The Leader


Yes, Samuel Sterns (played by Tim Blake Nelson) appeared in The Incredible Hulk, the “is it or isn’t it really a part of the MCU” film (yes, it is- mostly). And we even saw the beginning of his transformation! However, we didn’t see THE LEADER, Sterns’s supervillainous alter ego. Given a hyper-enhanced intellect by exposure to gamma radiation, Sterns is the Hulk’s greatest foe. He was also a founder of the Intelligencia, a cabal of evil super-geniuses. Besides his striking appearance, he adds a layer to the super science we should see in MCU, and the immorality that AIM should have had, but really didn’t. With the Hulk such a major player in the MCU, it feels like it’ll only be a matter of time before the Leader makes an appearance.



Yes, another big-headed genius, but MODOK is just awesome. Originally an AIM technician named George Tarleton, he was altered to become a living computer called the Mobile Organism Designed Only for Computing, AKA MODOC. With his new hyper intelligence though, MODOC quickly took over AIM, and changed the last letter of his acronymous name to K, for KILLING! He’s hyper-intelligent, powerful, and has a striking appearance. Yes, he’s pretty similar to the Leader, but MODOK has the tremendous think tank of AIM behind him. After Iron Man 3, AIM needs a leader. MODOK WILL BE THAT LEADER! *Ahem.* Excuse me.

6: Sin


One challenge faced by Captain America’s awakening in the modern day is his WWII enemies are mostly gone. Civil War is apparently introducing two great modern day enemies for his- Baron Zemo, the descendant of one of his WWII foes, and Crossbones, a skilled assassin. What they’re missing is a modern day Red Skull. Some people have floated the idea of the original Skull returning in a new body, but how about his descendant? Sin is his daughter in the comics, an equally skilled assassin and terrorist, and eventually takes the Red Skull mantle herself. She also adds some much needed gender diversity to Marvel’s villain line-up. Change her relation to granddaughter or great granddaughter, and you have a true modern challenge to Captain America.

5: Surtur


Surtur is one of the greatest villains Thor ever faced. A fire giant of immense age and power, Surtur is one of Odin’s oldest foes, and led a massive invasion of the Nine Realms, which resulted to Ragnarok. Were it not for the unified power of Thor, Loki and Odin, the Nine Realms would have fallen. It’s almost a given that he’ll be the villain of Thor 3, but if he’s not, there’s at least a trilogy worth of story leading to his final battle with Asgard.

4: The Wrecking Crew


The Wrecking Crew is one of the greatest utility teams of villains in the Marvel Universe. All four use weapons enhanced by Asgardian magic (yup, Loki was involved), with power enough to level cities. These guys are in it for the money, something sorely lacking in the MCU. Most MCU villains have been world-ending threats. It would be great to have a group that’s just in it for them. Although they’re a bit of a joke nowadays, they are all violent, vicious and powerful- enough of a threat for at least an entire film.

3: The Masters of Evil


One of the biggest complaints about the MCU is how shallow the bench of villains is. Agents of SHIELD has helped that quite a bit, introducing villains like Blizzard, Blackout, Mr. Hyde and more. The Masters’ most notable leader, Baron Zemo, is reportedly the villain of Captain America: Civil War. What better way to deepen the bench of villains than to introduce the Masters of Evil. Use some of SHIELD’s villains, some new ones, and assemble them under Zemo. It sounds like a great story. Plus, it means we could get an adaptation of Under Siege, one of the greatest Avengers stories of all time.

2: Mole Man


This is the one that sounds most likely to happen. Harvey Elder is a scientist that was often shunned and mocked for his diminutive stature and bizarre appearance. After hearing about a world under the surface of the Earth, he traveled the world searching for it, eventually finding the world known as Subterranea. He installed himself as the ruler of this world, its people, the disfigured humanoids known as Moloids, and the gigantic monsters that dwell there. Now he’s driven to rule the surface world out of anger against the world that shunned him. It would be great to see Elder and his followers in a wide-scale invasion of the surface world. Tim Blake Nelson has been cast as Elder for the upcoming FF film, so hopefully that means we’ll get the Mole Man soon, and not another FF series fixated on Doctor Doom.

1: Kang the Conqueror


Any Avengers fan worth their communicard knew he would top the list. A time traveller with a history too complicated to recap in a paragraph, Kang has crossed paths with the Avengers multiple times in attempts to gain enough power to rule the universe. In many future timelines, he actually succeeds. Simply put, he’s a villain on caliber with Ultron and Thanos. A force of evil, who simply wants to use his power to rule the world. If a streamlined version of Kang doesn’t eventually appear in the MCU, I’ll be shocked.

Honorable mentions: Dormammu, Baron Mordo, Puppet Master, the Enchantress, the Executioner, Taskmaster, Super-Skrull, the Hood, Ulik the Troll


Any non-X or Spidey villains you’d add to this list?