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Totally Forgettable Fiction

I started thinking about this when a commenter on the mainpage asked about the sequel to The Sparrow, which I read, but have mostly forgotten. And, given the flak that the book sometimes gets, I thought, perhaps describing it as forgettable was more generous than remembering it un-fondly. Perhaps it truly is forgettable, or it’s just been so very long since I first read it. I don’t know.

So, today, I want to know what you’ve read or watched that you found forgettable, and what little, tiny, insignificant details make up the entirety of what you remember about it?


For me, as I said, it’s Children of God, the sequel to Mary Doria Russell’s spectacular novel, The Sparrow. Very little about the sequel actually stuck with me. Plenty of people will tell you it’s bad, but I don’t recall how, specifically.

The only other things I remember are that the crew’s visit leaves a massive impact on the society on Rakhat; there’s a full-blown civil war going on between the two races. That and, according to Emilio Sandoz, Neapolitans make the world’s best macaroni and cheese.

That’s it. Sequel to one of my favorite books of all time, and I’ve forgotten everything about it other than what Italian city is responsible for the world’s best Mac & Cheese (I would have assumed the answer is “whatever city houses Kraft’s factory for the stuff”, but who am I to argue with an interstellar Jesuit from the future?)

So, what about you? What tiny slivers of big, perhaps at the time impactful, works are the entirety of your memories of them? Is it a meme (I know there’s more to The Fifth Element than the “Multipass?” line, but if I don’t refresh my memory in the next few years, that may be all I remember)? Is it some trivial bit of lore? A quote that stuck with you? Do you ever intend to go back and recover what you’ve forgotten, or is the little nugget of that book, movie, game, comic, album, fortune cookie fortune etc. enough for you?

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