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Totally wild speculation for Jurassic World 2

Given the success of Jurassic World a sequel is inevitable. Here is my totally outrageous idea for the sequel. Spoilers ahead.


Jurassic Prison

The idea of the dinosaur park is dead but someone figures out a way to make lemonade from the Jurassic World lemons. Isla Nublar has become an international privately run for-profit maximum security prison where the worst of the worst from around the world are sent for incarceration.

Outside the walls of the facility dinosaurs roam free as a further deterrent to escape (the prisoners are briefed on arrival about the dangers of raptor packs and other creatures outside the walls).

There is also a small research/dino maintenance station on the island (possibly employing Chris Pratt’s dino whisperer).


The obvious plot is prison break gone bad with dinos entering the prison facility and wreaking havoc. Or an Escape From New York riff where a VIP crashes on the island and has to be rescued. Or both happening at the same time for maximum popcorn munching.

(No one would be more surprised than me if the sequel actually incorporated any of this. But if it does I’ll sue for writer’s credit.)


That’s my idea but there are other loose threads to work from. BD Wong’s scientist escaped the island with samples of his research. InGen is seriously thinking about weaponized dinosaurs. So what does your idea of the next Jurassic movie look like?

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