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When people talk about transhumanism I like to joke trans people have been on the forefront of transhumanism for the last century for the sake of our own lives and survival. Biology isn't Destiny. This helpful graphic shows some parallels between cyborgs and trans people and their treatment by others.


Unfortunately I don't have a laser eye yet but maybe some day. I like Zinnia Jones' view that you can see changes to your body through transitioning as upgrades.

Of course trans tranhumanism isn't without its issues.

Science and medicine that we use is generally developed by cis people often for cis people. The estrogen I take isn't designed for a trans woman in mind, though it works well enough. As such our health needs are often forgotten. I think though the positive if slow trend of trans acceptance in the world as well as a modicum of political power will hopefully help with this.

And there is also the issue of money. Perhaps worse then cis transhumanism in that trans people are routinely discriminated against in the workplace and face high levels of unemployment and poverty. Many try to find ways to fit transition costs into their budgets but this still can leave a disparity in access. All attempts to better the trans human condition should be approached in away to address all people and not those with the money.

So whether you are pondering the future of humanity or just hating on trans people while you watch or read your favorite sci fi, give this a thought. And remember: Resistance is futile.

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