Pulling a 38 Metascore, almost ten points lower than Heaven Is For Real.

Based on the reviews, it sounds like a cheesy anti-technology rant in the vein of '90s movies like Lawnmower Man and Virtuosity.

From AV Club:

There's also something very turn-of-the-millennium about its dread. Fear of artificial intelligence, interconnectivity, and the vast accumulation of data hasn't exactly died down, but Transcendence approaches those anxieties with the stop-the-presses urgency of a Y2K alarmist. The film rages, dully and impotently, against a future that has more or less already arrived.


And The Dissolve:

Arriving just a few months after Spike Jonze's Her, Transcendence inadvertently shows how beautifully Jonze's film handled the Singularity's implications without losing its shit over it. It probably helps that the AI in Her functions primarily as a metaphor for evolving relationships, but Pfister and screenwriter Jack Paglen address the Singularity with more fear than imagination. As Will's power grows, so do the film's worries about technology breeding digital demagoguery and mind control. Transcendence wants to use this future panic to comment meaningfully on our current interconnectedness and inorganic lifestyle, but it's screaming too much to have that conversation.


So basically, another big Hollywood movie that's clueless about technology and science fiction.