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TransOcean: the Shipping Company

oh man, i'm in so much trouble. Does anyone remember the game Ports of Call on the Amiga? Well, lets just say I was 12 year old Shipping Magnate the lives of which my house had never seen! and now, some fantastic people have made a modern game of the same take...

...i'm getting nothing done next week. At all.


Ports of Call was a fantastic little game where you basically ran a shipping company from humble beginnings with a shitty little 1000 tonne freighter to a multivessel company worth billions.

A great kink was that you also had to maneuver your ships into ports of various difficulties. Some were outright mazes! BUt it was a great way to break up the numbers game.

TransOcean is clearly bringing the concept to the 21st Century! Look at the pixels! LOOK AT THEM!


I'm gonna get me a big ol mug of tea, a packet of custard creams and conquer the seven seas! Now, who needs 800 tonnes of toilet paper!? Anyone?

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