Wow... is this what io9 has come to??…

Seriously, I'll give you the Philly viewpoint for free, no sponsorship needed:

* Cheese steaks: Jim's on South Street @ 4th Street: forget Geno's and Pat's: That's just a marketing ploy: the two families love each other and hang out together all the time; there's no real animosity there. Jim's is where I go late-night when hankering for a good ol' "Wiz Wit" cheese steak (that's a cheese steak with onions and Cheez Wiz!)…


* SEPTA trolleys: they aren't on-time, they just upped the fare cost, and there's some freaky people on 'em. I still take them to work, though.

* Philly has over 3,000 brilliant murals painted int he city. You should really view as many as you can when here.


Oh, and yes, I am a DJ, but not that silly 'club DJ' crap: I know my music, I DJ at art events and radio gigs, and basically keep it simple, instead of trying to "make a name' for myself, or whatever. Ugh. (FYI: I'm hosting a Doctor Who-themed art sketching event this Sunday!)

Can you tell the whole "sponsored by Canon" thing annoyed me?