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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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True Blood Finale Reactions!

While we wait for what feels forever for a final *sob* TB recap from our beloved Meredith, we can post our reactions here. Gifs are most welcome too. SPOILERS AHEAD

  • Bill's reason for dying is so selfish. You can't break up with Sookie so instead you ask her to kill you and give up her fairy powers? What.
  • Sookie wants Bill to break up with her despite the fact her boyfriend just died a few days ago. You suck too.
  • Young Tara sounded exactly like Rutina. Either this girl is a genius who can imitate any voice she hears or Rutina Wesley's voice was dubbed over this and modified in some way, because it's too damn good.
  • Procrastination
  • Bill is turning warm. His skin seems to look brighter. Sookie can read his thoughts. Bill's tears were a mix of blood and well, real tears. So he's turning human? Maybe. Possibly. Maybe Bill should know she can hear his thoughts? Fuck that and Sookie goes in for the kill.
  • Pam and Eric finally kill the MY WORD IS OAK. And they create New Blood, become billionaires, and keep Sarah Newlin trapped in a dungeon forever. Nice.
  • Pam looked so fabulous in that red dress.
  • So in the end, all of Sookie's love interests were left with shitty endings:
    - Alcide died.
    - Bill dies while he's possibly turning human again.
    - Sam is trapped in a loveless marriage with manipulattive Nicole.
    - Eric is alone, forever sitting in that chair watching lame goth vamps and fangbangers dance the night away.

    All while Sookie gets to lead a fairly normal life while still keeping her fairy vagina, and finds a new man who she starts a family with. Despite the fact she's the main reason behind for so many problems and deaths on the show, she gets a happy ending. Ugh, Sookie.
  • Screentime for Sarah Newlin but none for Lafayette? HISS.

Not a great ending, but oh well it's done. I'll forever love this show despite how stupid it was at times. And I'll miss it oh so so much.

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