Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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True Detective Time

I think there's a few of you here who are watching it. (Spoilers)


Does it take anyone else two hours to watch an episode? I have to take frequent breaks. This show is so dense (and tense) that I'm constantly worried something insane is about to happen, like Marty shooting Meth Cooker in the head and then they have to fix the crime scene.

Also, when did McConnaughey get so good? He is freaking me out, over here.

I'm going to have to rewatch this with subtitles, though. I'm missing so much because of the thick Southern accents that I can't parse. The ex-husband in prison? Whenever they interviewed him I plain gave up. Got 1 of out 10 words that came out of his mouth. I am one of 'those people' who have a hard time understanding accents that aren't my own :/


I'm also 98% sure that, at the end of this, I'll need to have someone explain all the layers to me but I'm sure there will be many an internet essay on it.

(Also also, looking up TD gifs? Half of 'em are the mistress taking off her top. Yes, she has a fantastic rack, but cmon - I need more variety. Get on that, intertubes)

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