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Trust Is A Fragile Commodity On Colony (S01E07/08)

I hadn’t intended to be doing biweekly posts on Colony; it just worked out that way. I generally avoid this kind of hype but I think Colony may be one of the best shows you’re not watching. To quote Quasi, it’s “the show the V reboot was afraid to be.” Spoilers ahead.

Katie Bowman is involved in most of the trust issues in both episodes (and the series so far). She has already lost trust in Quayle after finding out about Geronimo’s true identity. Her trust in Broussard is shaken when she realizes he is supposed to kill her. After Will shows her what Broussard did to Phyllis and her husband she gives him a lead that takes him to Broussard’s house. But then she has a change of heart and warns Broussard in time for him to escape. Unfortunately Will finds a copy of Nostromo identical to the one Katie has hidden and he connects the dots even before Quayle comes to him later.

“At least I know where my sons are, Katie.”

Katie talks to Rachel, perhaps the only person both she and Broussard trust, about quitting the Resistance. Wil plays her by revealing Quayle’s betrayal of the cell and she ends up staying with the Resistance cell after Rachel is brutally killed by a Redhat. (As a practical matter it would have been better to bring in the wounded Rachel alive for interrogation instead of finishing her off with a head shot.) For the moment Katie and Broussard need to trust each other.

Quayle betrays everyone’s trust by selling out his Resistance cell (minus Katie as a side deal with Will) to the Transitional Authority. In exchange he wants a pass to get outside the Wall.


Will Bowman has his own trust issues. He knows his wife is working for the Resistance and that affects their relationship. He decides unilaterally to show their children the photo of Charlie that Snyder gave him. Will trusts Beau enough to tell him about Katie and Beau backs him up when Will kills Quayle. While Will doesn’t trust Jennifer enough to tell her about Katie he does trust her with access to the Rolodex. They have settled into a better working relationship after their rocky start.


Katie’s sister Maddie has an extra task in her job duties working in the Green Zone. She has sex with her boss’ husband but only when boss lady Charlotte can watch. Remember that her job is the only way she can get insulin for her diabetic son so Charlotte can make a lot of demands of her. But Charlotte is doing some shady side stuff with the artwork so Maddie may ally with Charlotte’s husband after Maddie is fired.

Assorted bits and mysteries:

  • “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face… forever.” Snyder gets a visit from Helena who delivers a veiled threat about Snyder’s relatively soft way of running things along with that quote from Nineteen Eighty-Four. She also mentions an upcoming visit by the Chief Minister of the Pacific Coast. This is probably the same VIP that Broussard and the other Resistance cell are planning to hit.
  • We see Carlos is still alive but he’s working in a facility (presumably the Factory) that’s not on Earth. Since Bram and his teacher see a Moonbase through a telescope we can probably safely assume it’s the same place. (Maybe my guess about Nazis from the Moon being behind everything isn’t so far off.)
  • Katie, where is your son? Bram has been sneaking outside the Wall since he found a lens for his teacher’s telescope. He is also planning a trip outside to one of the observatories outside the Wall for a better look at the Moonbase. Maybe he will run into the people outside the Wall that Quayle mentioned.
  • There is a religious cult of some sort awaiting the return of someone who died about 2000 years ago (that sounds somewhat familiar but I can’t quite place where I’ve heard it before). This man’s return on the Greatest Day involves children and we now know the flavor of crazy the Bowmans’ nanny has been drinking.
  • Nostromo is an interesting choice for the book code. Any speculation on the significance of that?
I think Nostromo would be a cool name for a spaceship. Maybe someday someone will use it in a movie.

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