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Tuesday Game Room: Dog Days Edition

Another first Tuesday in November, and another edition of Call of Duty is out, this time celebrating its 10th year of frenetic multiplayer, Aiming Down Sight and absurd, explosive campaigns. But this time THERE'S A DOG. Will you answer the Call of Duty? It's time for Tuesday Game Room!

What have you been playing this week?

Honestly, outside of Pokémon X - and even then, not much - and a few matches of Hearthstone, I've done much more reading about and watching of video games this week than I have playing them. It feels like with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One just out of reach, I'm playing the waiting game more than anything, even moreso as I won't be getting my hands on a next-generation console until Christmas. There's definitely games coming that I'm really excited for, but even so, I'm treading water a bit between now and Christmas. Anyone else feeling like this at the moment, or couldn't you care less about the arrival of next-gen hardware and all its shiny baubles when there's so many current games to play?


New Releases!

Between the North American PS4 launch next week, and the release of the behemoth that is Call of Duty: Ghosts (on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, next gen ports later) today, it's a barren week. No one wants to go up against Activision, it seems, other than Konami, who release the Castlevania Lords of Shadow Collection on 360 and PS3, pretty much the only other retail release of note.

On the digital front however, the wildly popular Zombie survival game State of Decay, previously an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive, is finally making its way to the PC.

And now, the News

Once again it's time for a few select picks from the last week of Gaming news, via Eurogamer:

  • Resolutiongate: Some of the year's biggest names run at half the pixel density on Xbox One than they do on PS4 - Wow, this was the big thing this week, with the release of Battlefield 4 and confessions from Infinity Ward confirming that two of the year's most anticipated titles will run at Native 720p on the Xbox One, compared to higher outputs on the PS4 (900p for BF4, and the coveted 1080p for Ghosts). What perhaps was more interesting than this tangible technical difference was perhaps the fallout - sites scrambled to at first report the news, and then just as quickly attempted to play it down as nothing big. Whilst I'm no NeoGAF conspiracy theorist, I did find it oddly bizarre that certain outlets, who've long bemoaned the ageing console hardware we currently have, now decided that a significant graphical disparity between the XB1 and PS4 is suddenly nothing to be concerned about, especially when the supposedly 'better' system is undercutting the price of the 'weaker' platform by a decent chunk - something any consumer on the fence about their next gaming system should be informed about. In the grand scheme of things the resolution of launch games will have no effect on the successes of either PS4 or XB1 - and it's not like either console is incapable of pulling of outstanding graphical marvels, with the likes of Killzone and Ryse at launch - but it does cast some doubts over the technical longevity of these two consoles and this upcoming generation.
  • Valve reveals the first prototype of its 'Steam Machine' hardware - turns out, it's a black box. No real surprises here, but with a lot of interesting details (such as the teasing of Oculus Rift integration, or Valve's crazy plans for control inputs) and a full reveal of hardware coming at CES early next year, it's all eyes on Valve's attempt to take the living room for the PC gamer.
  • The troubled South Park: Stick of Truth is delayed yet again - Despite confirmation of a solid December release a few months ago, Ubisoft have once again delayed the much-anticipated South Park RPG from Obsidian, this time to March 2014: A full year after the game's original release date, back when it was under THQ management. The release of 7 minutes of gameplay softened the bad news, but it raises a question - considering that this looks like a pretty great South Park game... just what the hell is going on at Obsidian?
  • The PS4 won't support DLNA, MP3s, Youtube sharing and more at launch - If you didn't think these consoles were coming in hot, think again! In one of the first true blunders of the PS4's prerelease campaign, Sony's mahoosive FAQ on the PS4 last week revealed that the anticipated Sharing system would be missing out on Youtube uploads at launch (restricting screens and video to Facebook's woefully low-quality services), as well as the absence of several of the PS3's popular media systems, such as custom soundtracks, MP3 playback (even Audio CDs!) and DLNA file streaming for watching films. Hell, you can't even watch a Blu-ray movie without a one time internet connection! Whilst the blowback over DLNA and MP3 support has apparently pushed Sony to reintegrate them at a later date, it goes to show just how feature-strapped these consoles will release as. I mean, remember what the Xbox 360 and PS3 looked like at launch, compared to now? Sheesh.

We'll be back this time next Tuesday for more gaming discussion, but for now, sound off in the comments with the games you've been playing, and what you're looking forward to this week - and don't forget to join us on Steam!

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