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It might be a quiet week in terms of retail releases, but all is not lost, Zach! Get those Twin Peaks references at the ready, find the FK's in your Coffee, and chow down on one of Thomas' sweet biscuits, for this week's Tuesday Game Room - So says Mr. Stewart!

What have you been playing this week?

I finished off the Injustice: Gods Among Us story mode, and ended up really enjoying it. It didn't feel as long as Mortal Kombat's excellently meaty single player romp - I would've liked more than 3 fights per 'chapter - but it was structured excellent, and the difficulty ramped up on the way to the end in a nice arc, even on medium. It's a great way to get familiar with a bunch of, if not all, of the the main cast of the game, and I really enjoyed the cheesy comic book story. I've still not tried online multiplayer yet, because the idea of being worked over again and again by people far more competent than me isn't all that fun, but I might get round to it eventually.


Aside from Injustice, I've mainly spent my gaming time this week with Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Captain Nylenna here has made it up to Level 33 now, wandering around Alderaan smiting Imps, attracting the occasional suitor, and settling a civil war while she's at it. And, having been gone for a while, I'm finally getting back into the feel for the smuggler class, and what I enjoyed the most about TOR in the first place. Whether that feeling will sustain me through the increasingly annoying F2P restrictions (I managed to snag some of the more egregious passes off the Auction house, so I've not paid any money yet!) and general fatigue is yet to become apparent, but for now, I'm very happy pottering around with my smart mouthed Twi'lek, standing up for the little guy and occasionally smoking a bunch of fools with quick shots, trick shots, thermal detonators and the occasional paralysing kick to the nads.

New Releases!

It's a bit of a quiet release week, but with what we do have, we get a hefty dose of the weird and wonderful: on the digital front, Zeno Clash II makes its way to XBLA, PSN and PC, as does Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the standalone, 80's-action-flick-style spin off to the latest Far Cry game, starring Michael Biehn. Yup. Speaking of weird and wonderful, Spreadsheet Machine enthusiasts PC gamers finally get to enjoy the whimsical, surprisingly deep indie Puzzle-Platformer Fez, which hits Steam on Tuesday.


But all that's hot garbage compared to the real star of the week, ladies and gents: Deadly Premontion: Directors Cut, the PS3-exclusive update to the awfully brilliant, brilliantly awful cult classic game hits shelves too. If you liked Twin Peaks, you should play this game, Directors Cut or not. Or, hell, you could just watch funny internet people endure it for about 20 hours of horror/hilarity/occasional genius. No matter how you consume it, Deadly Premonition is an experience the discerning video gamer can't miss, even if you end up thinking it's the greatest game of all time, or the worst.

Anyone picking up something new this week, or dipping back into your backlog?

And now, the News

Once again it's time for a few select picks from the last week of Gaming news, via Eurogamer:

  • Game Dev Tycoon's awesome DRM solution has Pirates unable to continue their games... thanks to Piracy - This story as depressing as it is hilarious, but man, in the age of restrictive DRM policies, the duo behind the interesting Video Game Development Sim Game Dev Tycoon have used their crippling piracy issues to their advantage here. Will pirates learn? Probably not, but it's funny to rile them up.
  • Kevin Conroy won't be the voice of the Dark Knight in Arkham Origins - Man... that's a bit of a bummer. I wonder why he's chosen not to do it, considering he's been popping up everywhere in games to be the voice of Batman lately. I hope he returns for future, post-Arkham-City-era Arkham games, and other Batman-based roles. Kevin Conroy is awesome.
  • Nintendo backs out of a major E3 Press Conference for the first time - Bit of a bummer 2.0! I understand their reasoning (Nintendo Direct has been an awesome turn from Nintendo, I'd love similar Sony/MS versions!), but an E3 without Nintendo just feels... depressing to me - terrible or brilliant, Nintendo's E3 pressers have always delighted me. I hope this ends up being a one off and they're back next year.
  • XCOM the shooter is dead, Long live The Bureau: XCOM Declassified - The controversial XCOM FPS reboot that lead to Firaxis' excellent classic spin, X-COM: Enemy Unknown, has been revamped as a Third Person shooter due for release later in the year. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, as I always though that aside from the troublesome name, this looked like a shooter with some interesting ideas. We'll find out soon enough!

We'll be back this time next Tuesday for more gaming discussion, but for now, sound off in the comments with the games you've been playing, and what you're looking forward to this week!

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