You know, despite being British, I've no time for Football - But with both FIFA and PES releasing their latest ball-kicking simulators this week, and both guaranteed to rake in oodles because there are way more people that aren't of my persuasion, it was easy to pick a theme! Get ready for awkward talk about the Offside rule in this week's Tuesday Game Room!

What have you been playing this week?

Like an absolute ton of people, I've been sinking a lot of time into Grand Theft Auto V this week - in fact, at about 25 hours, a hell of a lot more time than I ever expected. I never liked GTA IV for taking away a lot of the fun the series was known for in favour of time spent with what was frankly, in Niko, one of Rockstar's least appealing characters, so whilst GTA V always looked good in its pre-release run up, there was always a doubt in my mind that it would be a little more GTA IV and a little less Saints Row this time around.

It was around the time that I did a side mission where Michael, having taken a drag of Weed from a Pro-legalisation activist, proceeded to gun down a horde of hallucinated aliens that I stopped worrying.


Also, you can take selfies with the game's smartphone camera, which is great. Here's Trevor hanging out with a Redneck pal! Don't worry, he's just sleeping. Honest.

New Releases!

As mentioned up top, this week's biggest releases are FIFA 14 (making its way to just about everything) and PES 2014 (coming to 360 and PS3 only), the latest entries in both annual footie fix franchises. Expect whatever you'd normally expect in a football game, but slightly shinier than last year's versions.


Also coming out, in a bizarre PC-Wii U-3DS exclusivity deal, is Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure, a DC-focused spinoff of the successful puzzle-platforming series that let's you conjure up whatever you want to help you. Bonus points for the first person to summon Harley Quinn, a bathtub and a toaster to see what happens. See how many DC PR Gaffes you can recreate!

Nothing much else is out though, except for a PC release for PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+, which if you like Pac-man and techno wombs, you should totally check out.


And now, the News

Once again it's time for a few select picks from the last week of Gaming news, via Eurogamer:

  • Grand Theft Auto V is the fastest selling video game on the planet - 800 Million Dollars in a day, a Billion in three: holy shit, people love themselves some GTA. That's a filthy amount of money for Take-Two and Rockstar... and it might make even more if those rumoured microtransactions for Grand Theft Auto Online make their way out.
  • Valve announces SteamOS, step one in their move towards Living Room domination - After a very public falling out with Microsoft over Windows 8, Gabe Newell has been more than eager to jump into bed with Linux, and now that partnership has resulted in a whole new Operating System designed to bring Steam and Linux to your TV for living room computing. It's an interesting play for Valve, and with at least two more announcements due this week (one of which could be their long-rumoured SteamBox rival to the PS4 and Xbox One), merely the first step in their quest to claim the living room in the name of PC gaming.
  • Sony didn't expect everyone to want VITA TV so damn much - Hey Sony, here's an idea: When you reveal cool shit, people will want that cool shit. VITA TV was one of the most interesting and surprising reveals of TGS 2013, but the news that only a Japanese release was on the cards disappointed many, including me. VITA TV has a lot of really neat ideas going on, and hopefully it'll come to the West sooner rather than later. I just want my cheap Persona 4 Golden box, dammit!
  • Hiroshi Yamauchi, the man who made Nintendo 'Nintendo', is dead - Yamauchi wasn't a big fan of video games when he brought the Nintendo Card making business to electronic entertainment over 30 years ago, but under his guidance as CEO for an outstanding 53 years Nintendo became a behemoth in the industry. He was 85.


We'll be back this time next Tuesday for more gaming discussion, but for now, sound off in the comments with the games you've been playing, and what you're looking forward to this week - and don't forget to join us on Steam!