'Twas the TGR before Christmas, and all through the deck, not a niner was stirring, not even to check... this week's Tuesday Game Room! Oh god, that was a terrible intro, I'm sorry. But let's talk about some games, yes?

What have you been playing this week?

I'm still finishing off Bravely Default, and absolutely adoring it. I don't think I've ever been so held by inescapable joy playing a single game before, but Bravely Default has become all encompassing when it comes to my gaming time these days. I'm pretty sure I'm close to wrapping up, but in a way, I don't want to - there's always something slightly tragic about finishing a game that you love. That element of something being lost, that this experience that you've enjoyed over how many hours will stop being 'new' and become familiar. In a way, I like Bravely Default so much I want to prolong the inevitable as much as I can, but it still drives me closer to completion every time I play.

New Releases!

There are actual new releases this week! Of all weeks! Unsurprisingly though, they're all digital titles rather than retail releases. First up, the Xbox One gets its first Halo game... kinda. Halo: Spartan Assault, the top down shooter starring Halo 4's Sarah Palmer previously exclusive to Windows 8 and Windows Phones, makes its way to the new Xbox too.


The PS4 gets a delayed-from-last-week port of Zen Pinball 2, and finally, the Wii U sees the arrival of CastleStorm. Something for everyone!

And now, the News

Once again it's time for a few select picks from the last week of Gaming news, via Eurogamer:



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We'll be back this time next Tuesday for more gaming discussion, but for now, sound off in the comments with the games you've been playing, and what you're looking forward to this week - and don't forget to join us on Steam!