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What's the simplest way to get the text of all the notes on a tumblr entry? I just got the most notes on a picture to date, and my followers/rebloggers don't have a relationship with me that involves telling *me* what they think of my work (I consider that my bad, not fostering a person behind the pics).

And on the bad days, I need some reminder that I am communicating, so I'd love to save it to my kudos folder (we all keep one of these, right, for work and home—anytime anyone says anything particularly nice about you, clip and save to Evernote (or file of choice) so that you can review it—professionally it can help with performance reviews, resumes, or interviews, and just in general helps with motivation).


I have XKit and the tag viewer installed, but sifting through that HTML is gonna kill a girl.

For consolidation purposes, feel free to ask other tumblr questions here too...

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