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Tumblr Tuesday: ASOIAF/Game of Thrones

I completely missed Tuesday so this week you're getting Tumblr Thursday.

Quasi's TMIT thread made me notice just how much Game of Thrones stuff I follow so I thought I'd just let you see what's out there. This is of course a tiny sample of it all, but it's what I've found interesting or funny in the last couple of years.


Most of what I follow comes under three categories, comics/funny stuff, analysis (called meta in the tumblrverse), and general news sites.

One that doesn't really fit is johnjennetteart.tumblr.com which I've covered before.


coiaf.tumblr.com - a comic a week when the show is airing


gameofthronestranscribed.tumblr.com - YouTube's speech recognition algorithm gets it completely wrong


(ok, that's enough. I could post these all day)


I don't know why it's called meta (it's not talking about itself it's talking about GoT), but that's what it goes by*.


Sean T Collins writes the GoT recaps for Rolling Stones and writes about ASOIAF here - boiledleather.com - He's also the creator of the combined A Feast for Crows/A Dance with Dragons reading order.

nobodysuspectsthebutterfly.tumblr.com is great for in-depth analysis of things you didn't even realise were in the books, and she reblogs some excellent fanart.


It's not something I subscribe to but asoiafuniversity.tumblr.com is an excellent resource. The curators there reblog analysis and opinion pieces from all around tumblr.


wicnet.tumblr.com is the tumblr version of winteriscoming.net. They're generally first with any news of casting, filming, etc.


tumblrofthrones.tumblr.com has a mixture of all of the above, really.

* ah, here's a good explanation - asoiafuniversity.tumblr.com/post/what-is-meta

“Meta” in the fandom sense was once more-or-less short for “metafandom” — that is, fandom talking about itself. However, the term has been broadened to include not just fans talking about fandom, but fan analysis of the subject material, usually in essay format. (Probably because the metafandom LJ community frequently linked to essays of this type.)

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