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Tumblr Tuesday: My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

My there's some very handsome gentlemen (and some not so gentle men*) at this week's Tumblr, mydaguerreotypeboyfriend.tumblr.com

*The image above shows Lewis Thornton Powell, "one of four people hanged for the Lincoln assassination conspiracy, which makes him a pretty bad dude. However, you cannot deny he was pretty darn good looking. Ah, why must it always be the bad boys…"


Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with Company F hat and upside down U.S. belt buckle, armed with Colt revolver and cavalry sword. (Library of Congress)

Looks a little bit like the Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd, don’t you think?


thewriterwiner says: This is my great-grandfather. He was born in 1876, and he was maybe in his 20s here, so I’d date the photo around early 1900s. He was a performer in Vaudeville (so I’ve been told), and he was born in a small town in New Hampshire. Both his parents were French-Canadians.

Thanks for the sexy strongman!


Those are some choice last words, Captain Oates. And a great sweater to boot.

From submitter laurielover1912

This is Captain Lawrence Oates, a member of Captain Scott’s doomed Antarctic expedition of 1910-1912. Oates was a cavalry officer who was in charge of the ponies on the expedition. I’ve had a huge historical crush on him for years and have him to blame for my username. Oates is best remembered for walking out into the blizzard to his death when he couldn’t continue due to the pain he was in, thereby giving his friends more chance of pulling through (sadly they didn’t). Just before leaving the tent, he famously spoke the words: ‘I’m just going outside and may be some time.’ The epitome of the competent but reserved English hero, he was also one very fine looking man.



Second Lt. James G. Sturgis. Killed in action at Little Big Horn.

Cumberbatch, is that you?


From submitter Brian Feller: Alva Wilder (1842-1918), my great-great Grandfather. Taken we believe in 1862. He was a Civil War vet for the North. He was part of the 1st Michigan Light Artillery Battery “A” which was also known as the Loomis’ Battery.


Horace Hopkins Coolidge, age 22, on his graduation from Harvard College, class of 1852. (Harvard Archives) Among the many gifts his fairy godmother endowed on Horace Coolidge were a genial charm of manner, a rare tenderness and a spirit of living kindness, and a loyalty in friendship which made him dearly loved by all who knew him. After graduating, he did what many young men of his time did, and traveled to Egypt for two years, returning to Boston to marry his sweetheart and become a lawyer.

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