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I thought I'd try something different this week, show me your tumblr (or tumblrs?) and I'll show you mine.

I have a couple, first is my personal one where I do the usual thing and reblog/reply to all sorts of random junk that catches my eye. I really need to sort out a theme and an avatar.


I currently have two followers (hi, Nivenus and Cat Von A) and I normally post stuff like this:


My other page won't be of any interest (maybe?) unless you're into guitars, etc.

I'm a bit more prolific on this one and am just about to hit 100 followers after about 6 weeks. I post Fender and Squier guitars that aren't your usual Stratocasters and Telecasters; guitars that are a little beaten up, modified or just straight up kooky. If that means there's an awful lot of Sonic Youth on there then so be it.


This is my top post, people seem to like it:



So what's your page? What kinda stuff do you post? Do you do original content or reblog stuff? Is it random or is there some theme to it? are you sitting on any cool URLs you aren't using (It's you, isn't it, hogging the URL I want to use!)?


Show us some of the kind of stuff you post, if at all.

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