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TV's Flash, Grodd, and ... DC's 52?

Spoilers if you haven't caught up with the Flash.

Thanks to Hulu, I've finally caught up with the Flash and got my long-awaited Grodd cameo.


We knew that everyone's favorite telepathy genius ape was getting a new origin, but it's such a shame to leave out Gorilla City and the wackiness that implies.

Like the DC's 52 did for some of their comics, it seems that events in the Flash are cusp of what creates the DC universe as we will know it.

So here's my guess/hope with the TV show, eventually Grodd builds a Gorilla City and by that dramatic year of 2024 there's simian metropolis in the Flashverse — maybe with a embassy in Central City for symbolic purposes. For a cool twist, it's even in the throes of a rebellion between pro/anti-human forces ?

Of course it's ridiculous to build a city in such a short time, but we are talking about genius apes in a comic book TV universe.

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