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TWD Megathread: Always Accountable

See? Even Abraham thinks the show needs to make with the question-answering already.

Recaps are in!

Raz gets all psycho-analytical in:


While Bricken is sick of the singles and ready to mingle:

I am committed to a social thing tonight, but please use this space for SPOILER-FREE discussion of Always Accountable.

Really need to vent? Visit us over in the Spoilerific Reaction Thread, which will be 93% lower in “OMG” since I’m not live-commenting tonight. Please thoroughly enjoy the resulting rise in comment quality.


Got a recap, review, hot take, hot cake, or otherwise need to vent your spleen? Leave me a link in the comments, and I’ll add it.


Also, as we are entering (hopefully) the question-answering portion of the season, please be thoughtful about how you word the titles of your linked posts to avoid inadvertant spoilers.


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