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TWD Midseason Finale Megathread: Start To Finish (It's Gonna Be Grim[es])

Hahahaha! I’m just so doggone clever! However, if internet buzz is any indication, this one will be intense. RECAPS ARE UP!

Breezy’s getting ideas . . . and thinking . . .


And Bricken’s feeling dramatic:

While Raz has us all queued up:


Out of respect for delayed viewers, PLEASE keep this comment thread free of spoilers.

Need to vent? Join us in the Spoilerific Reaction Post, where secrets have the half-life of a turtle in TZA.


Gotta get your recap, review, rumination, or revelation on? Give me the link and I’ll put it up! However, again, please be mindful of avoiding spoilers in the title.


Zombies Ho!

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