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TWD S6E3 Megathread: Thank You, and Good Night

Hey, manners are important in TZA. (Personally, I make sure to remember “excuse me” and “pardon, please” when cutting a swath through some walkers with my Zombie Beatin’ Stick (Patent Pending).

With that in mind, PLEASE avoid spoilers in the comments below. The Spoilerific Reaction Thread is up and group therapy will be beginning in roughly five minutes. We encourage you to drop by!


More the lone wolf sort? (*snerk*) Write your own recap, review, or reduction, and throw me the link! I’ll add it here!

And now, if you would be so kind, we shall launch the apocalyptic antics!

CthluluWho insists on destroying my dreams in:

BehindDarkGlasses has a theory, but I don’t know what it is ‘cause I read the whole thing with my fingers in my ears going “lalalalalala” (Don’t give me that look. It works for the internet.)


Raz senses the *true* title of the episode:


Breezy seems to be reading my mind:


And doesn’t Bricken just say it all?


Feel free to check in over at our Spoilerific Reaction Thread!

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