Hello, and welcome back to your weekly TWD megathread, in which nothing horrible ever happens, and you aren’t ever left questioning the point of even watching what sadist wrote this stuff oh god oh god why what the f*ck, Rick the vagaries of Teh Zombie Apocalypse oh I give up anything.


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First up:

Breezy’s feeling the T-U-R-T-L-E Power-

And Bricken also loved the episode, which confuses me, because I hated it-


Spoilierific Reaction Thread remains here:


Random fun fact: realized when I was seaching for the map image that the route apparently ran through my hometown. I am of several minds about this. Namely:

1. That’s a stupid-ass way to get to DC from where they were.

2. Where the show says they were in Georgia isn’t where the map says they were, and internal inconsistency irks me. (See also: being on “the 75”)


3. Now I’m imagining TZA hitting my mom’s house, and . . . imagination falters . . .

I really don’t think this is possible. I sincerely don’t think a zombie apocalypse *could* have hit my mom’s house. Keep in mind that this is the woman whose curse and burden for thirteen years was getting me up and at the school in such a timeframe that our household wasn’t investigated for truancy, and I look EXACTLY like a walker at any given moment between the hours of 3 and 11am. *Should* some poor soulless soul shamble towards our steps, Mom would probably just glare at them and point sharply towards the driveway. They would immediately turn and shamble to stand at the mailbox, waiting for the zombie bus to come up the hill.


My mom is scarier than the breakdown of civilization, is my point.