Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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My strategy for the Walking Dead games have always been to be the one person to never lose their cool. To try and be as diplomatic as possible and not to get on anyone's bad side, no matter how much of a bastard that person was being. That all flew right out the window during this episode. Heavy Spoilers.


This time, I was angry. I made stupid decisions just to spite Clementine's captors. I wasn't thinking about trying to survive or about the well being of the other members of my group or the "innocent" members of the other group. I wanted this "community" they had been dragged to to burn to the ground.

And most of my anger and hatred was directed at, basically, The Governor 2.0, Carver. This man continually did everything he could to make me hate him more and more. He killed Walter, beat Alvin and Kenny to bloody pulps, killed Reggie, and terrorized Sarah. And he had the gall to say that Clementine was just like him, doing everything necessary, no matter what, to survive.


After that, I knew I had to prove to this prick that I was better than him. That I could survive without sacrificing the "weak".

And all I can think about afterword is "Damn, how the hell can a video game make me feel like that?"


I often complain about the time it takes for Telltale to get new episodes of any of their games out. But when they can make me feel like this, I think it just might be worth the wait.


Get back to me when they're working on 3 games at a time.

Random Thoughts:

-The "Returning" characters from 400 Days. I hate them too. I really hope they all died. Heck, I still hope Bonny dies horribly next episode and she did an ok job of redeeming herself. I'm a hateful, vindictive ass sometimes.


-I wonder if they show up later if you didn't have them follow Tavia at the end of 400 Days.

-I miss Lee. Hearing Clementine and Kenny talk about him still makes me sad. Again, great emotional manipulation from Telltale.


-Did Sarah die? I know Carlos is gone. He was shot in the throat, but Sarah is never shown to be killed. Plus Clementine finds her glasses during the "Next Time" segment.

-And here I thought Kenny was a changed man. Although in that situation, can't say I blame him.


-No way Clem had the strength to cut a woman's arm off in two hits.

-Nick had like 2 lines the entire episode. I know if you didn't convince Walter to forgive him last episode he was killed, so it's not surprising, but still.

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