Tweak the new Oppo layout with Greasemonkey

2014-03-13 - Final Update
With the arrival of Tiger, this script is now officially end-of-life and will no longer be maintained or supported.

If you have Firefox, you can install the Greasemonkey plugin and then install my simple user script, Oppo. It also works in the Tampermonkey plugin for Chrome. It's a very simple tweak that changes the following:

  • Shrinks the sidebar and expands the main content area
  • Changes some colours and text sizes
  • Bigger avatars, bigger preview images
  • Tweaks the preview of image-only posts
  • Standard header sizes for all posts
  • Tweaks for the Jalopnik front page (and potentially other Gawker sites)
  • Handles the new discussion format currently in preview on the front page (2013-12-14)
  • Automatically applies to Jalopnik front page and all sub-sites (Detroit, Drive, Oppo, and Releases)

For complete information and release notes with the changes in each version, see here.

Here's Oppo in its unmolested form:


And here it is with my Greasemonkey script:

Here's the tweaked front page:


And here's a post with the larger avatar and meta data:

Download link to the script (currently v20): CLICK HERE

These changes work on the full-size desktop version; I don't know what will happen if you try to use the mobile version with this script. Use at your own risk. Sorry, I can't help you to install the plugin and figure out why it's not working.


I hope this helps some of you.

Some notes.

1) Once the script has changed the layout, resizing your window does some funny stuff. I guess that most of the time we're not resizing our windows as we're reading an article/post, so I'm not going to try and fix this. Too much effort, too much lazy.


2) Works in Greasemonkey (Firefox) and Tampermonkey (Chrome). Your results may vary depending on browser version, plugin version, and operating system.

3) Nothing has been done to deal with the maximum width that leaves a lot of blank space on either side when using very wide windows. In another version, perhaps...

4) This script works for the front page and should be OK on the other Gawker sites as well; I haven't tested it yet. I'm not the only one who reads Jezebel, right? Guys? Anybody? ... OK, you just need to add the site to the inclusion list, like this:*


5) The thumbs on the Jalopnik front page come in three flavours - only the simple left-aligned thumbs have been handled for now.

6) AdBlock users: I don't use AdBlock and don't know how it affects Greasemonkey, my script, or the site in general. Please try disabling AdBlock for Oppo and the front page - there are very few ads when you're logged in.