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Twin Peaks: The Return (Open Thread)

I’m sort of surprised no one’s created one of these yet, but I guess I’m as good a person as any to do so. So here it is, an open thread for discussing the new series/season of Twin Peaks. Spoilers obviously.

So far I like it (I’ve seen Parts 1 and 2). It’s a bit slow, but considering it seems to have been conceived and filmed as an eighteen-part film that should probably be expected. It doesn’t bother me too much that it hasn’t focused very much on the titular location or familiar faces because after 25 years that probably would seem a bit forced. Rather, we’re seeing what’s happened in the world since Dale Cooper’s fateful trip into the Black Lodge all those years ago.


One thing I find interesting: Bob’s habitation of Cooper’s body seems to have taken a very different turn from his possession of Leland Palmer years earlier. He seems less like he’s hiding in plain sight and more like he’s simply created wholesale a new persona, while still relying on some of the old tools at Dale’s disposal. Similarly, it appears as though there’s much less of Dale still in there than was the case for Leland, who would have moments of lucidity every so often between Bob’s complete control. Which makes the possibility of both versions of Cooper emerging from the Black Lodge an interesting one.

What do you guys think? Like, dislike? Intrigued, bored?

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