Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Twin Peaks: The Return Reaction Thread, Part 11 "There's fire where you are going."

Illustration for article titled Twin Peaks: The Return Reaction Threadem/em, Part 11 Theres fire where you are going.

Pour some coffee, and discuss what’s happening in David Lynch’s return to Twin Peaks — at least the parts you can make sense of. Maybe you’re as lost as Agent Cooper looks. It’s all converging. The stars have aligned and time has presented itself. SPOILERS to follow.


Due to obligations, I will be late tonight, so please keep the conversation going without me!


  • Little Richie isn’t that competent.
  • Becky’s on edge. Shelly Briggs will never learn! Carl to the rescue.
  • Hastings leads the Feds to a woodsman, a vortex, and the body of Ruth Davenport (she lost her head).
  • Diane isn’t bothered by the woodsman, or what it does to Hastings.
  • Young lady has some explaining to do.
  • Norma’s judgy eyes, hope she’s saving a glare for Shelly and Red.
  • No clue what that child is ...
  • “the intention behind the fire”
  • The symbol from Cooperganger’s ace.
  • “There’s fire where you are going.”
  • The old Vegas saying: “six miles out, six feet deep.”
  • Cherry pie! Damn good cherry pie!

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