Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Pour some coffee, and discuss what’s happening in David Lynch’s return to Twin Peaks — at least the parts you can make sense of. Maybe you’re as lost as Agent Cooper looks. It’s all converging. The stars have aligned and time has presented itself. SPOILERS to follow.

  • Project Blue Book meet the Blue Rose: Philip Jeffries, Chester Desmond, Albert Rosenfield, and Dale Cooper.
  • “Let’s rock.”
  • Jerry Horne lost no more!
  • Sarah Palmer stocking up. Heed her warning, children!
  • Carl Rodd looking out for his tenants.
  • Deputy Hawk popping in on Sarah. Hope she kept the boy toy.
  • Sheriff Frank Truman confronting Ben about his grandson.
  • Cooper’s key, room 315 — I wonder if that’s where the hum has been coming from.
  • Gordon with the puns.
  • A warden no more.
  • Dr. Amp and the Gold Shovels.
  • Audrey Horne, as I live and breathe!
  • Who’s Billy? Tina? Paul? Chuck?
  • Audrey, you could do so much better than Charlie.
  • Diane looks nervous about Twin Peaks.

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