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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Twin Peaks: The Return Reaction Thread, Part 13: "What story is that, Charlie?"

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Pour some coffee, and discuss what’s happening in David Lynch’s return to Twin Peaks — at least the parts you can make sense of. Maybe you’re as lost as Agent Cooper looks. It’s all converging. The stars have aligned and time has presented itself. SPOILERS to follow.


Due to prior commitments, I will be late. Please keep the conversation going!

  • Conga line in Vegas at Dougie’s office. Mr. Todd won’t be happy.
  • A jungle gym that screams “Vegas!”
  • Pitstop in western Montana with Ray’s — the man who tried to kill Cooperganger — associates. Turns out it was Philip Jeffries conspiring with Warden Murphy. Richard Horne shows up in time to witness an execution.
  • Dougie Jones and Dale Cooper are identical to the fingerprint.
  • Anthony Sinclair makes a tearful confession.
  • Norma and Ed console Bobbie. Ed is still with Nadine. Norma franchised the Double R Diner. Ed still has a torch for Nadine. Norma’s business party is fucking with her pies — the fucker!
  • Dr. Jacoby visits Nadine at Run Silent Run Drapes. You could cut the sexual tension between them with a gold shovel.
  • Sarah Palmer runs out of vodka.
  • Audrey Horne is upset these days.
  • What story is “Story Two”?
  • Is it the Ghost Wood?
  • The Road House welcomes James Hurley with a little ditty you might wish to forget. He has a fan.
  • Big Ed Hurley never learned.

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