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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Twin Peaks: The Return Reaction Thread, Part 16: "No knock, no doorbell."

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Pour some coffee, warm some cherry pie, and discuss what’s happening in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return. It’s all converging. The stars have aligned and time has presented itself. SPOILERS to follow.


  • Great-uncle Jerry thinks he’s saved.
  • Richie takes something meant for Bad Coop.
  • The Hutchens come to clean up after the Jones.
  • RIP Dougie Jones.
  • The Mitchum Brothers make Janey E and offer she’s pleased to accept.
  • The Hutchens get in a shooting match with an accountant whose driveway they are blocking. The FBI intervene when its safe for them.
  • Hello Dale Cooper!
  • He needs Mike to make him another seed.
  • Good Cooper is heading back to Twin Peaks.
  • Diane is stunned upon receiving “; - ) ALL.” from Bad Coop.
  • Diane recounts the last night she saw Cooper — it was three years after Dale went to Twin Peaks. Bad Coop raped and abducted her, took her to the Convenience Store. Diane was replaced that night.
  • Mike interrogates “Diane”.
  • Dale says his goodbye to the Jones.
  • The Roadhouse welcomes Edward Louis Severson III.
  • Audrey made it to the Roadhouse for “Audrey’s Dance”, or did she?

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