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Two Doctors in the hospital?

You might recall that the Seventh Doctor’s last stay in hospital ended when Dr Grace Holloway (Daphne Ashbrook) killed him. A night in the morgue and he rose again with a new face.

He’s back on the wards soon, but the old Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) might fare better this time since at least one person on the staff has personal knowledge of Time Lord biology.


McCoy is filming for an Autumn episode of Holby City, the sister show to long running medical drama Casualty. He winds up on Darwin Ward having runaway from his retirement home (see, you just knew there was something wrong with the Real Marigold). This could be useful because they can always ask Eighth Doctor Paul McGann for tips on treating a double-ticker.

McGann plays neurosurgeon Professor John Gaskell in Holby City.

(Though between Twitch and iPlayer marathons, Doctor Who The Movie is the one bit of Gallifreyan action that isn’t being aired at present.)

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