Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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U listening to U Talkin U2 to me?

For the unaware, it's a podcast where Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman discuss U2 one album at a time*. For a podcast that's allegedly only about U2, the hosts spend a lot of time getting sidetracked, but that's part of the fun, because they're two skilled comedians who are quick on their feet (if not so quick on their ipod searches) and have a sense of humor that meshes. The hosts, Scott and Scott, are obvious fans of the band, but because of the age difference (Scott is 3 years older) they had slightly different entry points into the band, which affects how they view some early material. I started the podcast a week or so ago, and have been binge-listening ever since. Now I'm caught up and a little worried that they're going to run out of albums to cover.

*It started out with the plan of doing three albums at a time, but the nature of the show they couldn't cover that much material in a single podcast. After the first episode they cover one album at a time, except for Achtung Baby? in which they manage to not talk about that album at all, and Slowing it Down, where they talk to Paul F. Thompkins for an hour, which is a very in depth analysis of the fist time Paul heard U2.


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